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Exterior Projects  ( Please Click On Photos To View Full Size )

Hyde Park (Exterior)

This was a difficult exterior project due simply to the excessive surface preparation required.  As you can see from the slideshow, the main body of the home was in dire need of renovation.  


The remodeling division immediately addressed all of the carpentry needs for the home, removing all rotted wood and installing new.  While carpentry work was being completed, the painting division spent countless hours prepping the home surface so that the new paint properly adhered.  Once we were able to begin painting, multiple coats of Behr Premium Plus Exterior was applied to the home, and within a week all of the painting was complete.


The end result was a rather dramatic transformation that the homeowner, and neighbors, were elated with.



Cheviot (Exterior)

The owners of this home have lived here for many years, and have maintained it very well.  The home was mainly just in need of painting as the vertical cedar siding was becoming very dry, and was at the point where it was beginning to split and crack.


After a thorough clean of the home, and some minor prep, we began to paint.  Now on this home we used Behr Solid Color Weatherproofing Stain.  This product looks just like paint once it is applied, however, since the home had natural cedar siding, we wanted to use something that would not only protect the surface, but also absorb deeper into the wood.


Two full coats were applied, and within a week we were completed.  The homeowners were amazed with not only how well the color in the wood was restored, but how quickly, neatly, and undisruptive the process was completed.



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